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Learning More About Budgeting For Small Businesses

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Family Reunions: 3 Ways Self Storage Units Can Help Plan Your Festivities

Hosting a family reunion is a great way to connect with family and friends you haven't seen in years. Along with finding a time and place to host the reunion, there is a lot of planning that goes into the event. One way to help with all of this planning is by renting a storage units. Not only do units provide the extra space, but there are three specific ways that they can be used to help with a family reunion. Once the date is set, you can rent a unit as the event draws near and take advantage of its various uses.

Photo Protection

Family reunions are a great time to display classic photos, printed banners, and albums of past events. As you gather photos and posters together for the big day, you can ensure your photos are protected by keeping them in a storage unit. One of the biggest impacts on photos is sunlight. When sunlight hits photos, it can change the pigments and inks that are used. Instead of allowing family photos to fade, you can protect them in the dark environment of a storage unit.

A lot of storage units feature no windows. The removal of natural sunlight makes a storage unit ideal for storing all of the images and having them ready to go for the big event. Help add extra protection by placing them in a solid plastic tote. This will prevent sunlight from hitting the photos each time the storage unit door is opened.

Shared Unit Use

As you plan large family reunions, you may have help from other family members. Whether it's a sibling, cousin, or some distant relative, getting the extra help can really help with the planning of the festivities. Instead of keeping all of the items at a specific house, you can use a storage unit to give easy access to everyone involved with the planning. Storage units with shared access can use multiple entry keys to get into the storage facilities. The contract with the unit owners can state what family members are allowed to visit and have access.

It's also a good idea to use a combination lock on the unit door itself. Instead of making key copies for everyone who uses the unit, you can simply share the combination with the family members and give them access. This access is ideal for bringing party supplies, family pictures, or other items used at the family reunion.

Family Reunion Rentals

When hosting an event for dozens of family members, you may not own all of the supplies needed to properly accommodate everyone. In this case, you may rely on a variety of rentals to help plan a successful reunion. Storage units are a great place to store rentals and keep them organized before and after the event. By keeping them in a storage unit, you can prevent the items from getting damaged and having to pay a fine on the items.

One of the biggest examples of rental items to keep in a storage unit are tables and chairs. Large folding tables and stacks of chairs can easily be placed inside a unit until the event. Other rental equipment like specialty food machines, party tents, or coolers can be kept inside the unit. You can even set up a few of the table rentals to help hold some of the items on. This will make it easy to organize what you already have for the reunion and what else you need to get. On the day of the reunion, it's easy to take a large truck or van and load up the items for use at the reunion. With help from other family members, you can quickly load or unload the storage unit.

Contact storage units for price estimates on various rentals. By having multiple family members pitch in, you can easily afford a unit for the family reunion. For more info about short term rentals for an event like this, contact a company like North Star Mini Storage.