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Learning More About Budgeting For Small Businesses

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2 Creative Ways To Use Old Portable Propane Tanks

If you have a camp trailer or BBQ grill, then you probably have some old portable propane tanks lying around your property. It can be challenging to determine what to do with these tanks, but with a little creativity you can easily turn these eyesores into works of art that you will be proud to display on your property.

Here are two creative ideas that you can use to help you turn your old portable propane tanks into functional pieces of art in the future.

1. Create a character sculpture.

Adding sculptures to your gardens can be a great way to personalize these outdoor spaces. Those old portable propane tanks that aren't getting any use provide the perfect medium for creating the sculptures you need to spice up your garden.

Start by ensuring that the tanks are completely empty, then sand the exterior of the tanks to create a smooth surface. Using weather-resistant paint, draw some eyes and a mouth on your tank.

You can use a bright color that complements your flowers for the body, then just place your new sculpture in your garden and enjoy the whimsical aesthetic it will bring to your outdoor living space.

2. Create a decorative lantern.

Adding lighting to your outdoor living space can make it easier to utilize the space during the twilight hours. Old portable propane tanks can easily be converted into decorative lanterns with just a little creativity and skill.

Start by sanding the exterior surface of your propane tanks to expose the metal. Dunk the tank in a container filled with enough household bleach to cover the surface, allow the tank to sit in the bleach for 12 to 24 hours, then remove it and immediately douse with vinegar and a handful of salt. Wait an additional 12 to 24 hours, then rinse the tank and it should have an aged and rusted look.

Use a stencil to trace a design onto the surface of the tank, then use a blow torch to cut the negative spaces in the design from your tank. This will create a design through which fire can be viewed, allowing you to create decorative lanterns for use in your outdoor living space.

Finding creative ways to put your old portable propane tanks to use doesn't have to be difficult. By transforming your old tanks into garden sculptures or outdoor lanterns, you can easily breathe new life into these tanks in the future. If you need more tanks, try calling a company like Fieldings Oil & Propane Co Inc. to see if they have empty tanks you could use.