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Here Are Some Questions To Ask When Recycling Your Car's Catalytic Converter

Your vehicles' catalytic converter harbors precious metals like platinum in it. Many recycling companies are willing to take old catalytic converters whether they're in working condition or not. So, whether your vehicle has broken down altogether or you just need to replace your catalytic converter, consider recycling the part. Here are a few important questions to ask when recycling your car's catalytic converter.

Who Should Remove the Part?

One important thing to find out when recycling your catalytic converter is who should remove the part from your vehicle. Some companies prefer to do it themselves and will either come to you or have you bring your car to them. Other companies don't want to do the work of uninstalling the part, so you would have to do it yourself.

Don't just assume that the recycling company you want to work with will be willing to take the part out for you. If they won't do it and you don't know how to do it yourself, you'll have to find another service provider to work with. Therefore, you can save yourself some time and frustration by inquiring about this topic ahead of time.

How Will the Part Be Valued?

Recycling your catalytic converter shouldn't mean giving it away for free. As mentioned, these parts have valuable metals in them that the recycling company will use to make some money on their end. So, they should be willing to pay you a stipend in exchange for the part you are giving them to recycle.

Make sure you know what to expect by finding out how your catalytic converter will be valued and how your payment will be issued to you. They may be able to quote you a flat fee so you know exactly how much you'll be getting when you turn your part over to them.

Is Any Paperwork Required?

You likely won't need any paperwork for your catalytic converter when you turn it in for recycling, but some companies may request a receipt or a copy of the part's identification number so they can verify that it hasn't been stolen. It's best to simply ask whether you'll need to present any paperwork when handing your catalytic converter over for recycling to ensure that you don't hit any roadblocks or end up dealing with delays before all is said and done.

Contact a local catalytic converter recycling center like Morgan Recycling LLC today to have these questions and more answered.